The Marigold is a Symbol of Community.

Our namesake, those bright pops of summer color, tell us a few things about the meaning of community: Each marigold is made of hundreds of small flowers, or florets, joined together to create one thing of beauty.


The Marigold offers a space for community so we can each have the support we need to blossom. Teach, learn, share, showcase — we’re here to help you uplift each other.


We’ve been in Ypsilanti for ten years as The Harmony Collective, and The Marigold represents our own blossoming into a new offering to our broader community.

The Harmony Collective began as a space dedicated to practitioners of bhakti-yoga, a practice that is the spiritual heart of metaphysical traditions originating in India.

During our years in Ypsilanti, we’ve become more involved in the community — most notably starting a farm and restaurant — but what we’re still most recognized for is the striking bed of marigolds outside our original space at 108 N Adams Street. These marigolds have become a point of pride and connection for us and our community. They remind us that our personal practice is most fulfilling when its rewards are shared with others.

The Marigold represents our desire to serve the larger community by providing a space for wholesome experiences in the arts and wellness — so we can all grow deeper in mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony.

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